Thursday, August 4, 2016

NYFCS Presents “Five Nights In Maine” (Rhoades)

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NYFCS Presents “Five Nights In Maine” At Tropic Cinema
Reviewed by Shirrel Rhoades

One of the neat things about being a film critic is that I often get to see movies before you do. But don’t despair -- the New York Film Critics Series allows fans to slip in a side door (so to speak) and enjoy previews of movies prior to their national debut. Or at least before they come for a regular run at your local theater.

Tropic Cinema is one of a number of nationwide theaters that present these sneak previews in association with NYFCS.

For instance, this coming Wednesday night you can catch “Five Nights In Maine,” a new film written and directed by Maris Curran.

It’s the story of two people working through their grief following the death of a young woman in an automobile accident.

David Oyelowo stars as the distraught widower. Two-time Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest co-stars as his estranged mother-in-law. Rosie Perez plays the terminally-ill woman’s nurse.

Sherwood (Oyelowo) travels from his home in Atlanta to rural Maine to seek answers from his wife’s mother (Wiest). Although not close, both Sherman and Lucinda must confront their personal guilt over the death. Can they find a resolution?

You will remember Oyelowo from his riveting portrayal of Martin Luther King in “Selma.”

Born in England, he is a classically trained stage actor who attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2016.

As it happens, Oyelowo’s father was a member of a royal family in Nigeria. His last name (pronounced “Oh-yellow-oh”) literally means “a king deserves respect.”

Oyelowo takes his royalty with a grain of salt. “Now don’t get me wrong,” he laughs. “Royal families are a dime a dozen in Nigeria. It’s more like being the king of Sherman Oaks, really.”

Here his over-the-top performance carries a certain majesty. He is one of the producers of the film, indicating a personal commitment to the project.

Meet David Oyelowo for yourself. The screening of “Five Nights In Maine” will be accompanied by a Q&A. Peter Travers’ on-screen guests include Oyelowo, Rosie Perez, and the film’s director.

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