Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week of March 29 to April 4 (Rhoades)

Tropic Cinema Keeps ‘Em Coming --
Plenty of Thrills and Laughter Alike

Reviewed by Shirrel Rhoades

Tropic Cinema keeps us on the edge of our seat with its exciting programming.
This week we’re taking about “Side Effects,” the new Steven Soderbergh medical thriller … which is more than that. This Hitchcockian murder mystery will keep you guessing. Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) is a hapless psychiatrist who at the urging of a colleague (Catherine Zeta-Jones) prescribes a new antidepressant for a patient (Rooney Mara) who has suicidal tendencies. But wait -- what are this experimental drug’s side effects? The patient’s husband (Channing Tatum) is caught off-guard by her sleepwalking and other unexpected outcomes. No wonder the film’s working title was “Bitter Pill.”
Another thriller is “Barbara,” a German film about a doctor (Nina Hoss) seeking to escape to the West. Assigned to a pediatric hospital, she can trust no one with her plans, including the friendly young doctor (Ronald Zehrfeld) who she might be falling for. After all, this is back in the ’80s before the Wall came down, and GDR and Stasi spies are everywhere.
Another film fraught with danger is “Sister,” the story of a Swiss kid who supports his aimless sister by stealing expensive sports equipment from guests at a nearby ski resort. But when he meets up with an older British hustler things begin to get dicey.
For those of you seeking a calmer cinematic experience, the wonderful Dustin Hoffman film about four retired opera singers is still playing at the Tropic. Reg, Wilf, and Cissy (Tom Courtney, Billy Connolly, and Pauline Collins) are content with their placid existence at Beecham House until the fourth member of their famous quartet arrives. A diva with a tumultuous past, Helen (Maggie Smith) throws their idyllic life askew. A heartwarming film, nonetheless.
And finally, for a smile, you still have “Admission,” the new Tina Fey comedy about a Princeton admissions officer who life goes awry when she encounters a gifted applicant who may just be the child she gave away many years ago. Talk about a secret admission.
There you have it, a Tropic Cinema lineup that promises hours of great moviegoing pleasure. I’ll see you there!

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