Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Five Year Engagement (Rhoades)

“Five-Year Engagement”
Engages Its Audience

Reviewed by Shirrel Rhoades

I watch “How I Met Your Mother” about ten times a week, counting reruns and its regular Monday nighttime slot on CBS. It’s funny, partly due to the big-lovable-lug performance of Jason Segel. I liked Segel in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” And more recently in “The Muppet Movie.” And just last week in “Jeff Who Lives at Home.”
Now he’s turning up again on the big screen in “The Five-Year Engagement.”
Okay, enough already. I may have to cut back on “How I Met Your Mother” reruns.
“The Five-Year Engagement” – currently playing at the Tropic Cinema – aims at being a romantic comedy in the vein of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “The Bridesmaids.” Not surprising since director Nicholas Stoller also gave us that Sarah Marshall rom-com. And the producers gave us “The Bridesmaids.”
Here, Segel takes on the typecast role of a guy who is likeable but unable to succeed in romance. Tom Solomon (likeably played by Segel) and Violet Barnes (charmingly played by Emily Blunt) keep postponing their wedding because of career conflicts. After five years and various funerals, the relationship becomes a mite strained.
“Any ideas when this wedding might happen?” asks a relative.
“Grandparents do have a tendency to die,” adds her mother.
“Mum, they’re all right there,” says Violet, nodding at the lineup of relatives in the Skype hookup.
“Well, for now,” comes the warning.
Segel and Blunt wring some predictable laughs out of this old washcloth. Add some dark humor and physical comedy and you’ll have a movie hoping to clean up at the box office the way “The Bridesmaids” did.
However, the producers could take a hint from one of Violet’s girlfriends, who says, “It’s your wedding. You only get a few of them.”

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