Thursday, October 8, 2009

My One and Only (comments)

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Anonymous said...

For those of us young enough to remember the relative conservative nature of marriage in the fifties, and the prejudice against single women and mothers and independent women, it's easy to understand the charm of George Hamilton's memoirs from his early days on the road with his flamboyant and free thinking mother and equally individualist brother.

For the rest of you, this is a rather accurate portrayal of life in America during the fifties when "the little woman" was best kept in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Renee Zellweger does a wonderful job as the Southern Belle too self absorbed to be an attentive mother as she first sadly finds herself the Southern "beauty in decline" who fails to land another breadwinner after she shuns her cheating bandleader husband, then matures and discovers that she revels in her new found independence.

The sets, cast and costume design as well as the snappy, happy, sad dialogue keep this satisfying foray into the past moving literally and figuratively.