Thursday, October 15, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story (comments)

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free2be2cool said...

This movie review seems to be more about the filmmaker, not the film. Although it's true that documentaries are highly personal achievements and Michael Moore is one (rather) big personality in that field, I was happily surprised by the level of research and fact-based entertainment "Capitalism" provided. One thing you can always count on in a MM film is to laugh. Sometimes feel upset, even. But the level of outrage I experienced at the closing really surprised me.

"Dead peasants" aside, watching the workers in Chicago take control of their factory was an enormously inspiring, TRUE story which we could all hold onto for comfort in these trying times.

As for MM being conflicted over his profiting from capitalism, it's important to recognize the difference between owning the means of production and subverting them. MM is impishly aware of this and exploits his "status" among the exhaulted with the ferocity of a bear protecting it's young. His choice is to make more movies that will blow your mind, not blow his own mind on new toys.

Michael Moore is a kind of Pied Pipper for human rights. If you want a better world to live in, watch this movie & more important, talk about it with your friends (and family, if it's safe).

See you at the revolution!