Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Screenwriters' Spotlight - KW Film Fest 2013

A TROPIC ALERT - Coming November 14-17
by Ian Brockway

The Tropic Cinema proudly offers its Screenwriters' Spotlight featuring the esteemed writer-directors Paul Haggis and Terry George with a presentation of several  films, followed by a director's Q & A.

The series starts November 14 with acclaimed writer Terry George presenting  Jim Sheridan's "In the Name of the Father." This real life story about the IRA, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, was adapted for the screen with a wonderfully stirring and provocative script by Mr. George.

On November 15th Paul Haggis will present the powerful "Crash" (2004), his rhythmic and interlocking character study about cultural breakdowns, racism and ego. The film stars Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard and Ryan Phillippe, and it is as unsettling as it is pensive and engrossing. The film won Best Picture back in 2004 and it is just as timely today as it highlights our collective terrors and regrets regarding race and the moral quandaries that make us human.

November 16th brings us Haggis' presentation of  "In the Valley of Elah." Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon, it focuses on a grieving father's search for his son's killer, his son being an Iraq War soldier.

Two films round out the series on November 17, starting with Haggis' presentation of "The Next Three days" starring Russell Crowe. This film is a vigilante thriller about a teacher who takes matters into his own hands to get satisfaction. Haggis' quick and facile direction gives the story a hint of Kafka that elevates it above the everyday to make it universal.  The human condition, its catharsis and angst are Haggis hallmarks, as recognizable as Scorsese and Hitchcock.

Terry George will follow with "Hotel Rwanda" arguably Terry George's most famous film to date, starring Don Cheadle  in a master performance.

In addition to fielding Q&A's after each film, the two directors will be joined by Judy Blume for discussion sessions on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Please do not miss these terrific films and an opportunity to meet these two versatile cinematic and literary minds.

Full details at KWFilmFest.com.

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Anna Costello Wisniewski said...

facile : my own writing was once described as facile and I was a little taken aback because I believed the word meant shallow. I wasn't aware of the word's second, more favorable meaning Just sharing an unsolicited editing suggestion--others might be as uninformed as I was, so a different word might work better.

really looking forward to the festival!