Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your're Next (Rhoades)

“You’re Next”
Will Frighten You to Death

Reviewed by Shirrel Rhoades

Random violence. Home invasions. Senseless murders. We hear about them on the nightly news. How do you protect yourself against such horrible crimes when you can’t see them coming?

“You’re Next” is a very disquieting film. It could happen to you.

In it, a seemingly pleasant family gathers at their summer home. Paul and Aubrey (Rob Moran and Barbara Crampton) are the wealthy parents, there to celebrate their 35th Anniversary. Drake, Crispian, Felix, and Aimee (Joe Swanberg, A.J. Bowen, Nicholas Tucci, and Amy Seimetz) are their grown children. The sibling’s various partners include Kelly, Erin, Zee, and Tariq (Margaret Laney, Sharni Vinson, Wendy Glenn, and Ti West).

All is tranquil … until an arrow flies through the window killing one of them. They are under attack by a pack of killers, men wearing animal masks.

“Why would anybody do this?” asks Drake.

Written on walls and glass doors is the Manson-like threat: “You’re Next.” And true to this prophesy, people start dying one by one. You’re reminded of that old Agatha Christie mystery, “And Then There Were

However, the ax-wielding killers didn’t reckon on Erin, raised in a survivalist camp in the Australian
Outback. She isn’t going to be easy prey for these animals. “Grab anything you can use as a weapon,” she tells her companions.

“You’re Next” is committing its mayhem this week at the Tropic Cinema.

Director Adam Wingard is known for his blood-soaked horror films (“A Horrible Way to Die,” “What Fun We Were Having”). Joe Swanberg (who plays Drake) co-directed a film called “Autoerotic” with him. And “You’re Next” scripter Simon Barrett plays one of the masked figures in this frightfest, the killer wearing the tiger disguise.

Horror News has termed the film an “Instant Cult Classic.” One moviegoer described it as “very good and very gory.” Then added, “VERY VERY gory! Blood and guts go flying every which way in this movie.”
Hm, I’d call it an ersatz snuff film.

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