Friday, April 5, 2013

Roger Ebert, In Memoriam (Lori Reid)

What a sad day for moviegoers everywhere with the passing of Roger Ebert today.

Roger Ebert wrote reviews for real people. When he talked about the movies on his television shows, his passion and love for the movies was so evident. His enthusiasm when discussing a new star, a new director, or a new issue that was being represented on the screen always made me want to see that movie, follow that new actor, or go back and watch a director's other movies. Even his negative reviews were written in a way that often provoked me into seeing a film. Many times our thumbs would point in opposite directions, but I'd go to see for myself if Roger was right.

He never seemed to become jaded or cynical in his reviews. He did not condescend nor did he patronize he readers. No movie was ever too small. If there were something in it that would grab his attention and make him want to share it with us, Roger would let us know.

His courage and endurance through so many struggles with his health were inspirational and his dedication to the art of filmmaking never seemed to waiver even in the face of those personal struggles.

I will miss Roger Ebert. I believe that those of us who find ourselves in the business of showing movies or just being avid movie lovers will greatly feel the passing of such a dedicated follower of the movie industry.

The End.

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