Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tropic Art Gallery (Rhoades)

Art at the Tropic

Now that the Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street has four screens, I have to double-check my ticket stub more carefully to locate the correct theater. But if you make a left turn at the Carper Theater you wind up in an alcove that gets much less traffic than it should – the art gallery.

Here in this hallway-like space you can always find an exhibit. Recently it was photographic works by Richard Watherwax.

Currently it’s the mixed media of Sharon Wells, a delightful show called “Key West Architecture: Illuminations.” It includes paintings of conch houses, collages, photographs, and various other creative techniques that convey the beauty of those building which surround us, the structures we too often take for granted. A great show, all but hidden away in this alcove at the Tropic.

Make a special effort to look for it on your next outing to the movies.

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