Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shrek Forever After (Rhoades)

“Shrek” Lumbers Out for Last Time
Reviewed by Shirrel Rhoades

I used to watch a young Eddie Murphy performing on street corners in New York City. Funny guy, he didn’t mind making an ass out of himself. That turned out to be a pretty good career move. Now the second highest grossing actor in motion picture history, Murphy has played the Donkey in all four “Shrek” animated fantasies.
The fourth – and final – film in this popular franchise, “Shrek Forever After” is currently playing at the Tropic Cinema.

Mike Myers (“Austin Powers,” “Wayne’s World”) once again voices the jolly green ogre called Shrek. Cameron Diaz (“What Happens in Vegas,” “There’s Something About Mary”) reprises her role as Mrs. Shrek, a former princess. And Antonio Bandaras (“Evita,” “The Mask of Zorro”) plays Puss in Boots.
Eddie Murphy (“Daddy Day Care,” “Beverly Hills Cop”) is the annoying, hip-talking miniature donkey that serves as Shrek’s sidekick. He’s known for such catchphrases as “I need a hug,” and following a disaster, “I think that went pretty well.”

“Shrek Forever After” went through numerous title changes – ranging from “Shrek 4,” to “Shrek Goes Fourth” to “Shrek 4Ever After” to “Shrek: The Final Chapter.”

Like the first three “Shrek” films, this one’s based on fairy tale themes. Here Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn) sends everyone into a discombobulated version of Far Far Away, where Shrek’s wife Fiona is hunted, Donkey doesn’t know him, and Puss in Boots has grown fat and lazy. It’s up to Shrek to set things right again.

Along the way you’ll encounter Rapunzel (Maya Rudolph), Snow White (Amy Poehler), Cinderella (Amy Sedaris), Sleeping Beauty (Cheri Oteri), Pinocchio (Cody Cameron), Merlin (Eric Idle), Captain Hook (Ian McShane), and Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). To name a few.

Based on William Steig’s picture book, the film series has been produced by DreamWorks Animation. The original “Shrek” ranked as the eighth best animated film in an American Film Institute poll.
Will this final outing rate as well? Time will tell. (Or should that be Once Upon a Time?)
[from Soalers Hill]

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