Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar Gala Set at Tropic Cinema
By Shirrel Rhoades

Social observation: Motion picture box office revenues are higher than they’ve been since the Great Depression. When times are bad, people seek escapism and entertainment.

But with the economy still wheezing along, the annual Academy Awards party at the Tropic Cinema – starting tonight at 8 p.m. – is a bit more subdued, with only one of its four auditoriums plus the screens in the lobby devoted to the live broadcast.

Sure, the red carpet will be rolled out, and champagne will flow, but there won’t be any klieg lights on the street or high-ticket admissions. Regular prices apply, but for a $25 ticket you can drink champagne all night long.

“We’ve showed the Academy Awards live for four years,” says Tropic Cinema’s executive director Matthew Helmerich. “And we’ve shown more Oscar contender films than any other theater in Florida. So it’s definitely the place to be.”

To make the Oscar race more fun, the Tropic will sell ballots at the box office, with the person who gets the most winners right receiving a free Tropic Cinema membership for two.

This is the 82nd annual Academy Awards presentation, Hollywood’s celebration of it best films, best actors, and best technical achievements. If you’re a movie fan, it has to be a date on your calendar tonight.
[from Solares Hill]

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