Friday, December 18, 2009

Precious (comments)

We'd love to have your thoughts on this unusual new film.

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CJ West said...

There are some great aspects present in this film, namely the scenes depicting the deep creativity Precious employs to escape from her cruel reality. Early in the film, she is shown daydreaming of becoming a glamorous star, but as the film progresses, her fantasies develop into a more concrete form of creativity- writing. She is encouraged to pursue writing by her teacher to further her education. This sequence empowers Precious, allowing her not only to escape, but to grow.

The subject matter of the film is also admirable. Hard issues are brought to the big screen, and many shots are not easy to watch. There is palpable tension anytime Precious and her mother share the screen, challenging the audience to suffer along with the protagonist.

This film cannot be reviewed without mention of the excellent performances by the entire cast. Gabourey Sidibe's debut strongly evoked emotion, while Mo'Nique was frighteningly believable.

A great film made for more than simple entertainment, commendable and refreshing among current box office releases.