Sunday, April 1, 2007


Ioan Gruffudd (star of Fantastic Four and the Hornblower TV features) plays William Wilberforce, an idealist Member of Parliament who navigated the world of 18th century backroom politics to end the slave trade in the British Empire.

“Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace, from a screenplay by Steven Knight, turns out to be blessed with inspirational nobility and comic eccentricity—the former provided by an edifying narrative, and the latter by a colorful cast of characters—to bring it to emotional fruition.” Andrew Sarris


Cayo Dave said...

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Aaronbox said...

I wasn't familiar with the history and enjoyed this film, which is an homage to William Wilberforce. Since I don't know how accurate the portrayal was, I'm sold: He is my kind of man. Despite the horrendous issue of slavery being the central theme, it is a film that ultimately, gives you reason for faith in humanity. And that makes it a “feel good” in your soul, film. Inspirational, it is worth your time and money.