Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A compelling human drama and a psychological thriller in which simple humanity clashes with the power of the East German Stasi secret police.

2007 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Feature

"A great film..., and far and away the richest and most brilliantly acted picture to be released this Oscar season" San Francisco Chronicle

"...supremely intelligent, unfailingly honest" New York Times


jill epstein said...

One of the best movies of the season. Heartwarming as well as an intense layering of the main characters acting...A must see!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it. You forgot that it was sub-titled after the first few minutes, and found yourself really involved in the movie. And it stimulated a lot of discussion with our friends afterwards. A great movie.

Fred Klein said...

A most pleasing, non dragging high point in our recent stay. The Academy was right, it was better than the very good "Pan's Laberynth".